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Hospital Sales Tax comes up for Renewal

June 01, 2015


Hospital Sales Tax comes up for Renewal


Since 1985, Holdenville General Hospital has received the .01 cent sales tax from the City of Holdenville.   When we shop locally, the tax generates $48 to $50 thousand dollars, per month for the hospital.  Last year, the annual tax accounted for over $500,000. Those who live in the city limits and are eligible to vote are encouraged to shop local and vote to CONTINUE this tax for the support of the hospital. Healthcare, especially a hospital, plays a vital role in local economies. Holdenville General Hospital directly employs 104 full time equivalent people with an annual payroll of $3.9 million including benefits

  • These employees and income create an additional 20 jobs and $494,000 in income as they interact with other sectors of the local economy
  • Total impacts= 124 jobs and over $4million dollars.