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Mission Statement

“To make a positive difference in people’s lives by improving the health of the community”


“To be the first choice for healthcare in the communities we serve”

Core Values:

Clinical Excellence ~ Complete Customer Satisfaction ~ Workforce Excellence ~ Community Responsibility

Holdenville General Hospital, constructed with funds from the Hill-Burton Act, opened in 1969 as a 55 bed hospital (49 beds and 6 nursery beds). During the 1990’s and with the discontinuation of obstetric care, the facility downsized to 36 licensed beds. In May 2002, the facility experienced a devastating fire and was closed for 13 months. The facility was renovated and reopened on June 30, 2003. It received Critical Access Hospital licensure status from the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on July 1, 2003. It currently has 25 licensed beds that can be utilized for acute care or swing bed care. The inpatient length of stay is to average 96 hours. Swing Bed Care can be up to 100 days. The hospital operates three provider clinics, provides emergency care, extensive outpatient services, and is the only hospital located in Hughes County. Holdenville General Hospital has partnered with Mercy Hospital. This collaboration provides enhanced local services and support for transfer of more critical patients or when it outside the scope of services offered locally. The hospital is a member of the Oklahoma Hospital Association and the American Hospital Association. The hospital is also a supporter of local endeavors, such as the Turning Point Coalition and the Holdenville Chamber of Commerce.


Holdenville, also the county seat of Hughes County, is located in Southeastern Oklahoma. The population is approximately 5,200 residents. It is a rural community that is family-oriented. It has an unemployment rate of 6.3%, equal to the national average. The largest industries are Tyson Foods and CCA, a private prison. The economy is based on agriculture, oil & gas production, and local small businesses. The City has a public park with a walking trail, a large swimming pool and a unique stone structure football stadium built in the post WWII era. It also has a small airport and the Burlington Northern rail system. It is a great place for nature enthusiasts who enjoy hunting and fishing.


Holdenville General Hospital Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit support foundation